Monday, July 30, 2007

Sunday, July 29, 2007

KW Wichita Falls, TX

Hey mom, dad and Kristen! It rained today so there wasn't like anyone in the parks, but we got to prayer walk all day! It was very cool! I have a lot more to tell you but I'll tell ya'll when I get home! See ya'll in two days!Love ya'll!

AV BigLake,TX

Today L and I talked with a lady named R. It was really awesome b/c she was searching for something. I was able to share my testimony w/ her and we prayed over her. After praying for her she got this huge smile on her face! It was so cool to see God in that! AV

EB New Waverly, TX

Well today was really slow but GOD still worked, the group talked to several people and we all prayed for everything in the park. GOD does amazin things.

K.H. Wichita Falls, TX

God works in any weather. I never thought I would be in cold rainy weather in July but we still had a great time praying and meeting people. Pray for A and A because they now have German Bibles and plan to read them.

CC Henderson, TX

It was raining today, but we still had awesome conversations with people. It just goes to show that God can even work and use us in bad weather. Today God helped show me answers to some of the things I've been worried about. I hope you are doing okay.
Ps. I just got stung by a bee.

CB Lubbock, ,TX

this morning and early afternoon was raining! Since we got to the park, we held our SC and LTG groups. It was amazing! Our group split up several times and prayer walked. After we walked most of the day, the sun finally came out- one of God's great blessings...

C.D. Dickinson, TX

Today from the park we walked and talked to a guy that is not sure what to believe in. We did this for about 2 miles. We gave him a German Bible and loved it. He said that he is going to read the Bible all the way through, He likes to read. The guy sounded like he could be saved in Christ one day soon.Jesus loves you! Philippians 1:3

T.B. Grandview, TX

Got to witness to a guy today. It was amazing. I was able to share my faith with him and he seemed pretty interested. I also got to pray for him and he was very thankful. It was so great. So great.

CB Hotsprings, AR

Today was fun it rained and was cold(I know it doesn't fun but it was). We spent the day walking in the rain and singing and just listening to what God had to say. It was really great. I enjoyed it immensly. FaretHee well

R.L. West Columbia,TX

Last day at the park. Had one spiritual conversation with an atheist man who had a four year old son. I am glad to be going home on Tuesday, but I've learned a lot this week. I miss you Danyel, Eli, and Mia. I will see you soon. Pray for rest, for a fun day in the city, and for safe travel.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


talked to a couple of people today. it was neat, even if the conversations went no where it was awesome to be obedient


quiet day at the park. beautiful weather. learning to wait on the father. i miss home very much. pr for rest, endurance, patience, and peace


P and M came back to the park to talk mor about Bible translations. our discussion was brief, but we may see them again tomorrow. our whole split into smaller ones called LTG's. i really enjoyed how freely K,C,H and I communicated about our issues over faith. it was amazing


well it was another slow i didnt get to talk to anyone until the last second. it was pretty good teh person i talked to was a christian. i just ask that you pr for all of us


im still loving the salami and chees breakfast sandwiches. we have at the hostel. im learning more german and the correct way to say koln today from the 2 girls we met. please pr for them M and M, that our conversation will make them question.


hey mom, dad, and kristen. today was a pretty good day for our trek. E met someone and they talked for liek 40 min. he found out that he was already a christian. i got kind of frustrated though because i didnt feel like father was wanting me to talk to anyone, but i wanted to. but i know i had to obey father so me and E and my leader pr walked the whole day. well, ill see yall in 3 days.


Hey, we met up with our chess people again today and brought them a king james version bible. they were excited. im on a train right now as im writing this, so i feel sorry for who has to type it. it was raining today so not as mnay people came to our site. still going well and staying busy. love


today went by really fast. K and I talked to some girls named M and M. they were really nice, but exactly interested in what we had to say about him. L, T, and C have been talking to 2 men playing chess everyday and thats been really cool


today was fun and exciting we spendt most of the day in SC (simple church) and in LTG (life transformation groups) because it had rained. there were very few people in our park so the day consisted of pr walking and talking to my JSI, C. it was a really good day. fare thee well


we pr walk today and got to meet some interesting people. then we went walking in a new place and had a great time. i met a lot of friends in germany. this is my calling, overseas missions.
phillippians 1:3-4

Friday, July 27, 2007

TB Grandview, TX

Today started off kind of rough I thought. But I wound up being able to talk to some people who I found out were very much into God. I even learned a few things, plus, they gave me and a couple other people a nice little chess lesson

CD Dickinson, TX

Hey today was awesome. I have seen God moving in peoples lives. We had fun at the same time we were prayer walking in the park. Phil. 1:3

RL West Columbia, TX

Not many conversations today. Learning patience waiting on the Spirit. Pray for rest, for endurance. Missing home very much.

CB Lubbock, TX

This afternoon T & L & I played chess with P & M again, P believes as we do. Maybe tomorrow we can talk more to M about his beliefs. P is studying Bible translations and reads Greek and English as well as German. These are two very interesting men, and my group is excited to see them again.


Today started off very slow, but throughout the day He taught us lots of things. Father really spoke to me about having faith that He will answer our prayers. If we pray thinking that we wont get an answer we probably wont get an answer. He is so AWESOME!!!

EB New Waverly, TX

Well today was kinda slow but we got it done. We prayer walked for like the whole day. Also we played soccer with a couple of teenagers and I got to pray for them. Hopefully great things will happen in the next couple of days.

LC Henderson, TX

Hallo! (German hello) Today was amazing! The chess people, we met back today and they are actually Baptist believers and were more than willing to share their faith with us. One man has been studying the origional Bible compared to the translated ones for 25 years, and is very knowledgeable on all of it. It was captivating to just sit there and uphold that kind of convo over a game of chess. We're meeting back tomorrow because he really wants to see a King James Versino. All is going well, adjusting to the new culture is okay too! Tons of love!!

KW Wichita Falls, TX

Hey! TOday me and K met a lady and her two kids that we started a convo w/. We found out that she was a Jehova Witness and so I asked her if she believed the same thing I do after I explained how we get to heaven and she said yes. So I dont know if she's a believer or not, but she should be back tomorrow so we should get a chance to talk to her tomorrow. Well, I love yall! See yall soon!

KH Wichita Falls, TX

Today pray for the 16 yr old girls A, L, and R that they will come very curious about God tomorrow. Pray that our team will continue to find satisfaction in plowing and sowing. Our trek has had so much fun today!

CB Hot Springs, AR

Today started slow but in the last 30 min we & K talked to a lady who let us talk to her for a long time. It was very cool. It was totally cool. Fare the well.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

C.B. lubbock

at the park today i got to be part of 2 conversations. i spoke to one man with a dog. he wasnt ready yet, but maybe someday his heart will be open to father. my pr partner andi also ran into 2 chess players from yesterday. we and one other form out group each played a round with the pro while the other 2 spoke to his friend. they asked if we were coming back tomorrow. ill definitely be pring for these men. today was blessed and tomorrow will be even better. but only something really great would make me laugh harder than my great fall.

K.H. wichita falls

today was awesome, we bagan sowing after yesterdays plowing and found the soil was pretty hard. we talked to many people and all werent religious but A, my pr partner and i were very comforted by just sowing today. please pr for the young girls, K and K the united kindgome B. and S. the girls M. P. and E. that they will want to shope with us later this week, that B's heart will be softened to any religious conversation and her friends baby A. andy lastly the group of 4 germans we played football with (that they will come back tomorrow) ask father to eat at their hearts with the small bit they heard about him today.

L.C. henderson

hello, hello, all is well. pr walkind today was amazing. we met those two older men and played them in chess. i lost terribly but we were able to share with them and because of their curiosity we are going to meet up for more descusion and more of me losing at chess. ive been given the opportunity to tlak with many people and learn their beliefs. some were more positive than others. continue to pr fo rme as i am doing what father has called me to do. love always.

T.B. grandview

today went great. i sort of went in with high expectations which isnt a good idea but i was pleasantly surprised with how good things went. i got to talk to a few very nice people. i know that doesnt sound extraordinary, but its a start. its a step closer to growing the kingdom hopefully.

K.W. wichita falls

hey mom and dad and kristen. today was so much fun. it was our first day to meet people and try to start conversations. me and K, a girl in my group, met this one lady who said that she was agnostic, so we told her about our belief but she wasnt very responsive. at first i got down on myself, but then i realized that maybe father used us in a way that we cant see. well i love you all very much im having a great time.

C.B. hot springs, AZ

today was fun, we spent the day walking the park and waiting for the time to talk to someone, me and another team member got a chance to talk to a woman and her little girl, (so cute). she wasnt into any kind of religion. it was ok though . all in all, good day. fare thee well

R.L. west columbia

had many conversations today. talked for 2 hours with a group of turkish students. im tired and homesick. kisss eli and mia for me. pr for rest, wisdom, and endurance

E.B. new weverly

well today i stepped out of my box and talked to about 7 differennt people and just go to know them. one guy was really cool, he opened up right away to us but another guy was the total opposite. but we pr ed that father would do great things in his life also that the seed was planted

A.D.V. big lake

today we finally got to talk to people. at first i was a little nervous but it got a lot better. things went really good and we are planting lots of seeds.

C.D. dickinson

today when we pr walked and we ran into tons of people and loved sharing the word. we ran into some chess players in the park and we talked about father to them and theyn asked us to come back tomorrow so we can keep talking to them. father is awesome.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Hi! Today has been amazing! I'm still trying to get used to the time change,(7 hours later) but overall things are great! Pretty much all day today we prayer walked. I was nervous about this at first, but it went by so fast! It was a really neat way to experience God, and he spoke to me and k.h. about people working at the bathroom. It sounds silly, but God really put them on our hearts. Pray for them.


Prayer was definitely the key focus today and I can't even describe the new revalations on prayer i have had. The entire day was devoted to prayer walking and its impotance and wow... its amazing what prayer on sight in sight can do. I also have been very humbled by everything here. I have been finding out that i have any control over any life changes here... but i am not here out of sacrifice but obedience. I can't explain in words how God is changing me. Also pray for s. and her son s. we met i the plane going home to india. The realy touched my heart and please pray they have an encounter with me Lord.


Hey everyine! Well today we prayer walked for about 5 hours through this absolutely gorgeous park. It is so captivating to be surrounded by all this beauty that the Lord created I talked to a cuple playing chess and surprisingly enough they spoke English which helped the conversation move along more smoothely and least they are feeding us and the food isn't too bad here. All is well so do not worry, but please pray for me and what i'm trying to accomplish here.


I learned how comletly importent prayer is today. Not that i didn't know it was super importent, it;s just that now i can really see how crucial it is in the christian life especiallu when it comes to the work we are doin. So far i'd say things are going great and the food is pritty good so far.

E.B. new waverly

well today i pr walked for 4 hours. it was hard because of distractions and ive never pr ed this long or much but fahter showed me the way to get through it.


This was our first day on site at our park. Our group split up in pairsto prayer walk switching partners every hour. Prayer walking is not so hard or stressful as it sounds. Once you realize that you are praying to God infront of another person and there is no pressure, the time goes by very fast. I feel a special need to pray for a pair of men i met playing chess. I may not get to talk to them again, but i can always pray for them. This is completly off topic, C to know the igo mascot is a goat this year. farewell till tomorrow.


Today we spent 3 hours in our park walking around and praying for the people and park. Originaly I thought it would be very difficult but it turned out very easy. I can totaly tell this is going to be amazing. I'm so excited about the next few days.


We prayer walked today for hours and let me tell you something, God spoked to me personaly as I prayed for the people in the park here and everysingle little awesome thing. I was so awesome.

KW WICHITA FALLS, TEXAShrs but God just kept laying things an my heart for me to

Hey guys! Today was awsome. We prayer walked in our park for 5hrs and it was amazing. God has really relieved to me just how magestic and powerful he is. I never thaught i would be able to pray for 5hrs but God just kept laying things on my heart for me to say. Well i'm having a great time! I love ya'll bunches!!!


The park we are assigned to is amazing. Flowers and trees everywhere and hundreds of people out enjoying it. We prayer walked for several hours in the park today. Join us in praying for open hearts, multiple sharing opportunities, peace and rest.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

KW Wichita Falls, TX

hey mom, dad, & kristen. this first day has been extemely long. 9 hours on a plane, 1 hr on a tram all without sleep. then once we got to germany we had to do a scavenger hunt from 12 to 6 to get us familiar with the city and to keep us from falling asleep. Tongiht we meet our JSI's and the M. I am having a great time! i love yall very much!

CB Lubbock, TX

The first day in Cologne was the longest of my life. We were all tired, yet we toured teh city hoping to learn to fine our way around. Fortunately, God provided, our JSI's to guide us in our exhausted state of mental imbalance...We were all a little loopy for at least a little while. It rained off and on but our trek kept going. Germany is so beautiful and the people are willing to talk to us. One girl just started a conversation with a couple on the train. Tomorrow, once we're well rested, we'll be able to do so much more.

T.B. Grandview, TX

Well, today consisted of less that 1 hour of sleep with that crazy plane ride, and a lot of walking, whichh definately wasnt a bad thing, we all pretty much have no clue how to navigate this city. so we've got a week left, and i'm def hoping God does some amazing things through us on there.

EB New Waverly, TX

Well i'm here safe, we got to explore the city, it is huge. i love all of you cant wait to see you and share with you.

CB Hot Springs, AR

After an exhausting day of no sleep we made it to Koeln. We got to walk around the city which is beautiful, and see talk to some people. I can tell this is going to be wicked awesome.

KH Wichita Falls

Today we learned how to get around Koeln by ourselves! (with a guide of course). so now i know how to read a german map and pronounce a few more words i didnt know before. evven though our stomachs are a little crazy from all the strange foods weve eaten from base camp till now, and we have only slept a couple of hourse in the past few days, and haven't showered in a while (not including the rain that has been following us), God has still shown his control in that we are all still holding up sompletely fine and we got safely over here. Thank you all for your prs.

CD Dickinson, TX

We finally made it to Germany adn let me tell you something it beautiful out here. we travel on lots of trains and meeting some interesting people. philippians 1:3

LC Henderson, TX

Well we arrived safely after I freaked out over the plain ride. i nearly completed harry potter on the flight though! things are going well, i've been on a scavenger hunt through the city to lllearn where things are located. i havent slept in over 24 hours and it will be almost 2 days before i do! But all is well, dont worry about me! btw...the ice cream is fabulous! ti should definately help keep me awake until we are finallly allowed to go to sleep tonight.

APV Big Lake, TX

Hey guys! I am finally in Germany! i learned a lot at base camp and i feel really prepared bacause of it. It wasn't exactly how i though it would be, but everything we did has a reason. thank yall so much for pring for us, and i know that he will do awesome things this week.

RL West Columbia, TX

Arrived safely, but very tied. found our way around Cologne via the public train system. Climbed what seemed like a thousand stairs to the top of the tower of the cathedral. An amazing place. Can't wait to be used up for His glory. Pray for rest, for wisdom, for harvest.